Why should you deal with Youtube?

It’s the 2nd most visited site on the planet and your risk of getting hit by google update/youtube algo is very minimal.

This is the EXACT system I use to rank my own videos, sites, and map packs .... and where I commonly rank videos in COMPETITIVE niches

  • Online presence
  • 90% of the public have cell phones and are watching youtube
  • The playground is wide open
  • Very easy sell for your clients

Introducing: Video Ranking Club


Video Club Ranking

Go from #100 to #1 in a matter of days. 

-Amazon Product Review Videos

- Competitive Digital Products

- Local Clients

- Reputation Management

- Gaming Niche

- Recipes

- Unboxing Videos

  • 1. You are allowed to give me 3 videos per month.
  • 2. 5-7 KW's PER Video is allowed.
  • 3. This is just for youtube videos. I can't accept websites or maps for this price.
  • 4. Price is $500.00 a month, 3 videos PER month @ 5-7 keywords each
  • 5. What niche's won't you be able to work in? Attorney Torts