Bad Ass Indexer

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Holly Starks has brought us another "Slamming" Indexer

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Bad Ass Indexer
  • Blog Posts - PBN and Rankgold

    Currently indexing at 95%

  • Serp Shaker - SEM Easy - MPC Sites

    Currently indexing at 95% – excluding subdomains

  • Sub-Domains

    Currently indexing at 75%

  • FCS - Rankwyz - Syndwire

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  • Get Ranked!

    You can’t get ranked, if your not found. BAI will get you found and ranking.

  • NO More Waiting!

    BAI indexes immediately and on demand. There is no more of a waiting game for google bots to come.

  • It's Ugly and Who Cares

    It’s ugly and it’s meant to be. It does it’s job … that’s all that matters right! No one else on the market has created and released such a software.

  • Content Stays Indexed

    The content stays indexed .. meaning it doesn’t go out after a day or so.


    FAQ – Questions??

Bad Ass Indexer